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Columbus Georgia Attorney Lawyer Mark JonesMark Jones Background Story: Fierce Independence, Humbleness, Dogged Persistence

Mark Jones’ story represents the people of Columbus, Georgia-Phenix City, Alabama with undertones of independence, humbleness, and dogged persistence strewn throughout. Since age 7, Mark knew he wanted to be a lawyer. Growing up in the “nation” of Texas – where the lone star spirit of sovereignty reigns supreme and where football is king – Mark was accustomed to things being bigger and better, always striving for the best.

With a single mom who worked as hard as she could as a teacher to make ends meet, Mark cultivated his own work ethic with his mother, as a perfect role model, by his side. During middle school, Mark attended one of the poorest schools in Fort Worth, Texas and found his niche in the magnet program offered. This is where Mark recognized firsthand the stark differences between the children of “North” Fort Worth and “South” Fort Worth – these differences deeply bothered Mark. Even today, this experience shaped Mark’s life in undeniably profound way; Mark learned the value of humbleness, what it means to come from nothing and the work involved in order to be successful. Of course, everything comes from God, and Mark’s faith is very important to him, as well as his three children.

Mark Jones’ Education:

Attaining the status of “lawyer” in Columbus, Georgia and Phenix City, Alabama was not an easy feat. With hard work in terms of education, Mark graduated high school at the age of 16. Starting a junior college at 17, Mark was in the honors program, and made As in every class except for the first class he ever took. Fiercely focused on a perfect GPA, Mark retook the class, making an A and ending with a 4.0 – the highest grade in his class.

For college, Mark decided to go to Texas Christian University on an academic scholarship, and finished in the top 25 of his entire class. Throughout his college career, Mark also worked for TCU’s Information Commons as a residential network technician and student tech in addition to maintaining a near perfect GPA.

Mark Jones Goes to Washington, D.C.: Learns How to Represent People and How to Lead

Mark majored in political science, so going to Washington, D.C. was a natural progression after college. During his internship, Mark worked for United States Representative, Kay Granger and assisted her as well as the people of the 12th District of Texas, which comprises the majority of Fort Worth.

Mark learned what it meant to represent another person and how significant a privilege and responsibility that was. Mark also learned what it meant to be a leader, by meeting some of the most cherished friends he has encountered in his life. This experience surely prepared Mark for practicing law, and representing the people of Columbus, Georgia and Phenix City, Alabama.

Columbus Georgia Attorney Lawyer Mark JonesThe Conversion: Horned Frog to Bulldog.

Attending The University of Georgia School of Law was one of the best times in Mark’s life. Intense study. Lectures. Lots of smart people talking. Some of them yelling. Some of them ranting. Basically, intelligence abound. Here is where Mark learned an important lesson. Realizing early on that most of the fellow students in Mark’s law school class were smarter than him, he also came to the euphony that if he worked harder and put in more hours, he could do just as well or surpass as his companions. In short, Mark learned that you may not be able to outsmart someone but you can outwork them.

The professors at The University of Georgia taught Mark the law while also helping him believe in himself. He was twice published in law school, and won first place in a writing competition held by a state Supreme Court, despite not making law review. He also practiced law under the Third Year Practice Act for the Elberton County D.A.’s office, and also did a summer internship with Judge Steve Jones (who is currently a federal judge). Studying at The University of Georgia provided Mark with the foundation he needed to advocate effectively for injured clients in Columbus, Georgia and Phenix City/Opelika, Alabama.

Clerkship for Superior Court Judge

Although Mark is not originally from Columbus, he found a home here immediately. He came to Columbus to work for Judge Frank Jordan, and was taught several lessons on leadership – mainly being inclusive in thought processes with your staff, putting trust into your staff and never losing your temper. Having already successfully passed the Georgia Bar, Mark took (and passed) the Alabama bar exam while he was working full time for Judge Jordan.

After the clerkship, Mark and his wife decided to stay in Columbus because they loved the town and the people in it.

Private Practice

After his clerkship, Mark practiced for a local law firm, exclusively representing injured people in Columbus, Georgia and Phenix City, Opelika, and Auburn, Alabama. During his time at a private firm, Mark represented several hundred people in Georgia and Alabama in personal injury, premises liability claims, auto accident claims and workers compensation claims. He actively practiced in 4 different court systems, including federal court, Superior Court (Georgia), Circuit Court (Alabama) and the State Board of Workers Compensation, and managed a significant caseload on a daily basis with only a single paralegal assigned to him. Recovering millions of dollars in settlements and judgments for his clients during this time, Mark consistently got excellent reviews from clients in his firm. Mark also established himself as a diligent lawyer — often accepting and recovering on claims that other attorneys felt were a waste time.

Columbus Georgia Attorney Lawyer Mark Jones

Law Offices of Mark P. Jones

In 2013, Mark embarked on his dream of opening his own law firm to represent the people of Columbus, Georgia and Phenix City, Alabama / Opelika/Auburn, Alabama in workers compensation, personal injury, auto accidents, slip and falls, criminal law and family law. His goal is to give a voice for those who don’t have one, and to diligently defend the rights of his clients, whether that be against the insurance industry, legal system or criminal justice system. He enjoys the freedom of running his own firm, which allows him to think outside the box, and answer only to the client and the court system. In short, Columbus Georgia Attorney Mark Jones fights for his clients in a variety of legal matters.

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Columbus Georgia Attorney Lawyer Mark Jones

Columbus Georgia Attorney Lawyer Mark Jones





Columbus Ga Lawyer Mark Jones
233 12th Street #600
Columbus, Georgia
United States
Phone: 706-225-2555
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Client Says

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    Army DUI Client

    Mark Jones is an excellent lawyer. His team always kept us informed every step of the way. … We are very pleased with the results and timeframe of the trial. I recommend him to anyone needing an honest, hardworking lawyer.

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    Personal Injury Client

    In my experience Integrity is a rare commodity among Lawyers. I only had one case for Mark to work on but I could not have been given a more complete settlement and treatment. My rating is based upon just that; with no dissatisfaction what-so-ever. I'm sure, with each case being different, that such a high level of satisfaction may not be attainable yet I will keep Marks' name on record for any possible future litigation.

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    Trucking Accident Client

    Mr. Jones handled my case against a company whose truck driver was negligent, which resulted in my car being totaled and personal injury to me. From the onset, Mr. Jones was very attentive and understanding of my claim. His thorough knowledge of procedures, particular laws, and circumstances surrounding my type of claim reassured me as we went along. He was calm and confident, tenacious and patient. Had it not been for his expertise and service, I would not have been successful in my claim against the company. I was extremely pleased with the compensation agreed upon through mediation. I have absolutely no doubt that Mr. Jones will continue providing excellent service to all his clients!

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    Workers Compensation Client

    Mr. Jones is a very dependable and loyal lawyer to work with. He's very precise with his work and maintains a close relationship with his customers. I really appreciate his quality service. Tell him your problems and worry about nothing. He will take care of it!

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Monday- Friday 8:30 am - 6:30 pm

233 12th Street #600
Columbus, Georgia 31901


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