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Family and Domestic Law issues are always difficult, messy, and taxing on an individual and their children. Let Mark Jones represent you in your domestic matter. Mark’s guiding philosophy is to speak up for his clients and treat them with the respect they deserve. Mark has worked in the local court system for 3 years, reviewing hundreds of divorce petitions and adoptions for a judge. In short, Mark Jones knows how to get your domestic case pushed through the court system as quick and painlessly as possible.Phenix City Alabama Divorce Lawyer Mark Jones

Types of Family Law Cases Mark Handles: divorces, child custody cases, and other family law cases with the goal of getting your case pushed through the system as painlessly as possible.

Divorce: Getting a divorce in Georgia or Alabama is absolutely messy. In Georgia and Alabama, one party to a marriage may divorce the other party at any time and for no reason at all. Most divorces are contested. Regardless, you will need a lawyer like Mark Jones who can help you get through this difficult time in your life as quickly and painlessly as possible.

*Equitable Division (Property Division)*: Particularly for military clients, certain assets are of concern: the client’s military retirement, e.g., a home bought only due to the serviceman’s veteran’s affairs loan. Mark Jones will make sure that your fair share of all assets are protected.

Phenix City Alabama Lawyer Mark Jones

Alimony: Spousal support, or alimony, is monetary compensation from one person in a marriage to the other when the couple separates or divorces. The purpose of alimony is to avoid any unfair economic consequences of a divorce – even after property is divided. Alimony is particularly helpful when one spouse has been a homemaker for many years while the other spouse works. Oftentimes, when push comes to shove, the working spouse will freeze or remove assets in an effort to starve off the other spouse. Or, the non-working spouse may seek to siphon off funds in anticipation of a divorce. If you are the spouse on the receiving end of such behavior, do not hesitate to call Lawyer Mark Jones.
*An award of attorney’s fees and a court order enjoining a spouse from squandering assets is possible.

Child custody and visitation: If you have children, the most important issue in your divorce will be making the best choices for them. In fact, Georgia and Alabama courts base their decisions on what is in the best interest of the children. Mark Jones knows exactly how a judge or guardian ad litem examines a case to make a custody determination. Call him today to give your kids a fighting chance.

Phenix City Alabama Divorce Lawyer Mark Jones

Child support: Child support is a payment by a non-custodial parent to the custodial parent to contribute to the cost of raising children. Whether you are seeking child support for your child, or are required by law to pay child support, Mark Jones will fight to obtain a fair child support award.

Custody or Child Support Modifications: Court orders reflect a family’s circumstances and the economy at the time a divorce is finalized. Since, over time, situations and needs change, child support, custody or other court orders may need to be modified to reflect your current situation. If you are in a situation where you cannot meet your child support obligations or need a custody modification, Mark Jones can help you.

Paternity cases: Paternity and legitimation in Columbus, Georgia and Phenix City, Alabama are important not only for establishing a healthy relationship between a child and his/her parent, but also in determining responsibility for the upbringing and support of the child. We will work with you to obtain all of the required tests to ensure that your child receives the support he or she deserves. Many potential clients do not understand the differences in paternity and legitimation. Mark Jones can explain why legitimation is important and how failing to legitimate a child can have devastating implications.

Family violence: When a domestic conflict results in a call to the police in Columbus, Georgia or Phenix City, Alabama, what was once a private or family matter is now an issue of the state versus the accused. Mark Jones can take immediate steps to protect your reputation and your rights.

Restraining or Protection orders: Restraining or protection orders, commonly called TPOs, fill a need for people who feel threatened by an abusive spouse or other persons with which they have had a relationship. Unfortunately, these orders can be abused and cause serious consequences for innocent people in Columbus, Georgia and Phenix City, Alabama. Lawyer Mark Jones can assist in obtaining or defeating such actions.


Prenuptial agreements: In Georgia and Alabama, prenuptial, or pre-marriage, agreements are a great idea for couples who wish to enter marriage with an explicit understanding of their property rights. Properly prepared, such agreements can allow couples to avoid taking or assuming unnecessary risks in their new relationships. Full and fair disclosure is always necessary in entering the agreements. Improperly prepared agreements are against public policy and can be voided by Superior Court or Circuit Court Judges. Lawyer Mark Jones can properly draft these documents to ensure your assets are protected.

Adoption: We represent step-parents, relatives and others who wish to adopt children in their care. Adoption is the legal act of permanently placing a child with a parent or parents other than the birth parents, and terminating the legal rights of the birth parents. Whether you are an adoptive parent or a birth parent, we will put the interests of your children first and foremost.

Mediation: In Georgia and Alabama, many family disputes must go through mediation before they go to court. As your lawyer, Mark Jones will protect your interests at every step of the process to make sure you receive a fair division.

Lawyer Mark Jones




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Client Says

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    Army DUI Client

    Mark Jones is an excellent lawyer. His team always kept us informed every step of the way. … We are very pleased with the results and timeframe of the trial. I recommend him to anyone needing an honest, hardworking lawyer.

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    Personal Injury Client

    In my experience Integrity is a rare commodity among Lawyers. I only had one case for Mark to work on but I could not have been given a more complete settlement and treatment. My rating is based upon just that; with no dissatisfaction what-so-ever. I'm sure, with each case being different, that such a high level of satisfaction may not be attainable yet I will keep Marks' name on record for any possible future litigation.

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    Trucking Accident Client

    Mr. Jones handled my case against a company whose truck driver was negligent, which resulted in my car being totaled and personal injury to me. From the onset, Mr. Jones was very attentive and understanding of my claim. His thorough knowledge of procedures, particular laws, and circumstances surrounding my type of claim reassured me as we went along. He was calm and confident, tenacious and patient. Had it not been for his expertise and service, I would not have been successful in my claim against the company. I was extremely pleased with the compensation agreed upon through mediation. I have absolutely no doubt that Mr. Jones will continue providing excellent service to all his clients!

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    Workers Compensation Client

    Mr. Jones is a very dependable and loyal lawyer to work with. He's very precise with his work and maintains a close relationship with his customers. I really appreciate his quality service. Tell him your problems and worry about nothing. He will take care of it!

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Map to Law Offices of Mark P. Jones

See Inside the Law Offices of Mark P. Jones

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