The Military Discount


Columbus Georgia Lawyer Mark Jones is pleased to announce that all active and former military who hire the firm to represent them in the month of July will receive 25% off their legal fee. At the Law Offices of Mark P. Jones, LLC, we appreciate your service. There is no higher honor than to serve […]

DUI and the “Actual Physical Control” Requirement

Columbus Georgia Lawyer Mark Jones Discusses the “Actual Physical Control” Requirement of DUI Law Introduction: First off – let me apologize for my long hiatus from providing excellent blogging content to the citizens of the great city of Columbus, Georgia. I love defending DUI cases because they are very technical and succeeding for the client in these […]

Same Sex Divorce and Legal Separation in Georgia

georgia divorce attorney markjones

Same-Sex Divorce and Legal Separation in Georgia With the issuing of the Obergeffel v. Hodges decision by the US Supreme Court permitting same-sex marriage as a right under our Federal Constitution, a corollary question becomes whether a state must necessarily recognize divorces between homosexual couples. This poses a very curious legal question under Georgia law. (Apparently, […]

Drug and Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws

columbus ga lawyer mark jones asset forfeiture

Columbus Georgia Lawyer Mark Jones Discusses Drug Forfeiture Cases “The police seized my car because my husband was found driving it with marijuana in the vehicle,” a recent concerned wife who retained me stated. Welcome to the world of civil asset forfeiture.  In drug cases, forfeiture proceedings in civil court customarily precede any case where the arresting officer […]

Medical Marijuana and Child Custody Cases

Columbus GA Divorce Lawyer Mark Jones Discusses Medical Marijuana and Child Custody Cases With the recent passage of Georgia’s medical marijuana law, medical marijuana is a major legal issue that will have a huge impact on the legal system.  While Georgia’s law is very conservative in comparison to the medical marijuana laws of western states […]

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Client Says

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    Army DUI Client

    Mark Jones is an excellent lawyer. His team always kept us informed every step of the way. … We are very pleased with the results and timeframe of the trial. I recommend him to anyone needing an honest, hardworking lawyer.

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    He Has Integrity

    In my experience Integrity is a rare commodity among Lawyers. I only had one case for Mark to work on but I could not have been given a more complete settlement and treatment. My rating is based upon just that; with no dissatisfaction what-so-ever. I'm sure, with each case being different, that such a high level of satisfaction may not be attainable yet I will keep Marks' name on record for any possible future litigation.

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    Trucking Accident Client

    Mr. Jones handled my case against a company whose truck driver was negligent, which resulted in my car being totaled and personal injury to me. From the onset, Mr. Jones was very attentive and understanding of my claim. His thorough knowledge of procedures, particular laws, and circumstances surrounding my type of claim reassured me as we went along. He was calm and confident, tenacious and patient. Had it not been for his expertise and service, I would not have been successful in my claim against the company. I was extremely pleased with the compensation agreed upon through mediation. I have absolutely no doubt that Mr. Jones will continue providing excellent service to all his clients!

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    Workers Compensation Client

    Mr. Jones is a very dependable and loyal lawyer to work with. He's very precise with his work and maintains a close relationship with his customers. I really appreciate his quality service. Tell him your problems and worry about nothing. He will take care of it!

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